About S^4 Super Summer Science Search™

Middle school students learn critical thinking around Common Core Standards, using SCCLD online databases

S^4 Super Summer Science Searches Contest for Cupertino Middle School Students

 “My twin daughters participated in the science contest last year with their friend and will be doing so this year too. I think it is a very good program to keep the kids busy in summer and I am happy to support it.” ~ Leena Jain

S^4 Super Summer Science Search began in spring of 2011 with the realization that middle school students were not as aware as their high-school counterparts of the Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD) and their extensive subscription (no advertising) online databases.

The Cupertino Library Foundation, who funds multiple Cupertino Library and system-wide initiatives, reached out to the Cupertino Unified School District to partner in the S^4 Super Summer Science Search project.

The Cupertino Library Foundation supports the S^4 Super Summer Science Search contest to provide students with free access to age-appropriate, academic online research tools as the vehicle to develop:

  • appropriate and interesting research questions;
  • critical thinking skills to analyze information sources for credibility, bias and accuracy;
  • confidence and competency in using Library databases to seek answers to research questions;
  • effective ways to include and cite authoritative information to support or refute arguments; and
  • the ability to write persuasive essays, reports and presentations that summarize and synthesize a students’ scientific research.


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Enter the 2015 S^4 Super Summer Science Search Contest!

Cupertino Middle School Students S^4 Super Summer Science Searches Contest sponsored by the Cupertino Library Foundation

Giving Students Access to Scientific Research

S^4 Super Summer Science Search was introduced as a pilot project to a limited number of 6th, 7th and 8th classes at Cupertino, Kennedy and Lawson middle schools in 2012.

Teachers have included the S^4 Super Summer Science Search project as part of their curriculum to satisfy a number of the Science Content Standards for California Public Schools.

Databases available for S^4 Super Summer Science Search include science and technology resources made available through the Santa Clara County Library.

In 2013, over 200 students registered for the contest, then called S3. The contest name was updated to S^4-Super Summer Science Search™ in 2014, and was just as popular as the year before. The goal for 2015 is to increase registration by 20 percent.

Cupertino Middle School Student Winners of the S^4 Super Summer Science Search Contest receive their prizes!

Cupertino Middle School Student Winners of the S^4 Super Summer Science Search Contest receive their prizes!




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