Cybersecurity Series

Cybersecurity Series

Cupertino Library Foundation is introducing a new Education Series on Cybersecurity topics of interest to seniors.  These events will range from lectures by domain experts, panel discussions with experts and citizens, to hands-on workshops.  For 2020 we have selected two topics, 1) How to Spot and Deal with Fake News and  2) How to Spot and Deal with Internet/Email/Phone Scams.  All events are free to the public; in 2020 all events will be virtual.  One would need to register to obtain instructions on how to join the virtual event.


October 04, 2020, 2:00 pm :  1. “Fake News” – How it Spreads and What You Can Do by Susan Nash and Ryan Moore

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Are you bombarded with COVID-19 information and election related information? Can you identify facts from fiction? Are you sure you’re not helping spread false information or misinformation from less-than-credible sources?

Come listen to and ask questions of our speakers from Stanford Center on Longevity and Stanford Social Media Lab. Get some tips and tools to identify facts from fiction, opinions from reality, satire from sincerity.

About the Speakers

Susan Nash is a Visiting Scholar at the Stanford Center on Longevity, working on a project to teach digital literacy to older adults. She is also Encore Fellow with the San Jose Mayor’s Office working on the City’s Age-Friendly City initiative.

Ryan Moore is a PhD student in the Stanford Social Media Lab. His research focuses on understanding how people, particularly older adults, use the internet and new technologies to consume information.

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October 21, 2020, 2:00 pm:  2.Beware of Cyber/Phone Scam Artists – by Narayan Makaram

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Come and learn from a Cybersecurity expert how to recognize scam artists before they get you.

About the Speaker 

Narayan Makaram

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