2020 S^4 Super Summer Science Search™ Contest!

Is science and technology becoming remote to your middle school student? To them, does it seem irrelevant or not their thing? Maybe they need to see science in terms of something that is real to them.  Then check out the Super Summer Science Search (aka S^4 Program)! First launched in 2011, S^4 aims to connect, engage and inspire incoming 6th grade students through outgoing 8th grade students to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) over the summer break.  The Cupertino Library Foundation is happy to sponsor the 2020 S^4 program!   This year, due to COVID-19 pandemic and Shelter-in-Place orders, the program is being conducted virtually.

Making it real by exploring a real problem, learning to ask their own questions, and learning how to explain what they have learned to others. These are key skills for the real world often missed in a rushed academic setting. The S^4 contest will provide students with free access to age-appropriate, academic online research tools as the vehicle to develop:

  • Interesting research questions;
  • Critical thinking skills to analyze information sources for credibility, bias and accuracy;
  • Confidence and competency in using Library databases to seek answers to research questions;
  • Effective ways to include and cite authoritative information to support or refute arguments;
  • The ability to write persuasive essays, reports and presentations that summarize and synthesize a students’ scientific research;
  • Presentation skills through story telling.

Additional information can be found in the S^4 Website  and by sending email to s4@cupertinolibraryfoundation.org