2020 City Council Candidates Respond to Questions about Future of the Library

2020 City Council Candidates Respond to Questions about Future of the Library

As a public service, the Cupertino Library Foundation asked the 2020 City Council candidates to comment on their opinions, goals and ambitions regarding our Cupertino Library. We hope the  questions we asked and the candidates responses will help the community evaluate the candidate positions on the Library and the mission of the Foundation.

Questions for the Candidates

  1. As a council member, where Library would be in your priority list?
  2. What are your thoughts on the role of City of Cupertino to that of Santa Clara Library District which manages Cupertino Library?
  3. What ways you expect City of Cupertino partnering with our Library in providing more service to our patrons – Budget, Facility, Staff assistance, Other ways? Please outline your approach.
  4. What kind of programs you foresee that we offer to our community?  Please provide a prioritized list of three themes.
  5. What do you see as the needs of our senior community in terms of information or programs they can benefit from? And how do you see the role of the library and hence CLF to be championing that.
  6. Given that Library Program Room is approved,  how do you see the parking issues at the Library/Program room be addressed in the next years?
  7. Closing Comments

Candidate Responses

Of the five candidates receiving our questionnaire, four responded with their insights. You can read each candidate’s answers by clicking on their photo or name below.


Charlene Lee





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