2018 Summer Film Series – The Best of the Western Part II

2018 Summer Film Series – The Best of the Western Part II

Saddle Up and Mov’em Out! The Best of the Western Part II

You asked for it and we heard the coyote’s call! Another round-up of the driest and dustiest Western Motion Picture Masterpieces ever made – courtesy of the Cupertino Library Foundation and Blue Light Cinema! For this thrilling six week festival, filmmaker and educator Mark Larson has chosen only the toughest and most beautiful Western films ever made! Please join us on this one of a kind round-up! As always, a spirited group discussion follows every film!

All screenings are Tuesday night’s starting at 5pm at the Cupertino Senior Center.

Week One     August 7th 2018 [Register for free tickets]

Public Cowboy No. 1 (1937)  We ride off with Gene Autry and fight unscrupulous cattle rustlers with flying fists while singing terrific songs! This is one of Gene’s best and a great example of 1930’s New Deal/Singing Cowboy filmmaking! The great Smiley Burnette comes along for the ride!

Week Two      August 14th 2018 [Register for free tickets]
Westward the Women (1951) Men working the land in California need women! And the women of Chicago are more than up for the challenge of a dirty and dangerous journey! Robert Taylor and Denise Darcel lead the caravan in this amazing Western epic from director William Wellman.

Week Three   August 21st 2018 [Register for free tickets]
No Name on the Bullet (1959) A small Western town explodes into violence when hired killer Audie Murphy rides into town! This jaw dropper, directed by the great Jack Arnold, is Audie’s very best film – a brilliant psychological portrait of hidden crimes and divine retribution!

Week Four      September 4th 2018 [Register for free tickets]
Way of a Gaucho (1952) This little seen gem, shot on location in Argentina, stars Rory Calhoun as the good gaucho gone bad, with the Gene Tierney, in all her Technicolor glory, as the woman who loves him. Director Jacques Tourneur weaves his incomparable magic to this waiting-to-be-discovered ride across the pampas.

Week Five       September 11th 2018  [Register for free tickets]
Day of Anger (1967) It’s Spaghetti Western time! We learn the mysterious and lethal ways of the gunfighter when Giuliano Gemma takes lessons from the master, the one and only Lee Van Cleef! This cult classic from director Tonino Valerii comes with a fabulous soundtrack from Riz Ortolani that you’ll be humming for weeks!

Week Six         September 18th 2018 [Register for free tickets]
McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) In a snowbound mountain town, a gambler and a prostitute meet, go into business, fall in love and find out what Capitalism can wreak on lovers. One of the most beautiful and haunting of all Westerns, this masterpiece from director Robert Altman is a fresh and critical look at the myths of the West.

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