S^4 Super Summer Science Search™ 2016 Contest


Contest Prompt

S^4 Super Summer Science Searches Contest for Cupertino Middle School Students


The President of the United States calls you and your team of top scientists into the Oval Office and tells you the country’s cities are facing major challenges that must be solved. The President says you must:

  1. Choose any city in the country you want to help. This could be where you live now, or a city you want to live in one day, or a city you are curious about.
  2. Choose a challenge facing that city from one of the following areas:

–       Energy efficiency

–       Transportation

–       Living spaces

–       Or a challenge for which you have created a solution that is totally new and innovative

  1. Design a creative, forward-thinking scientific solution for the challenge. Clearly state the problem you are solving, your solution, and why you believe it will help your city.

The President reminds the team that in the past communities have created new solutions to grapple with major challenges. For example:

–       1800s: Mass transit like subways and light rails were developed to help transport large numbers of people, in response to a population boom

–       Late 1800s: Skyscrapers were designed to conserve space on the ground and house more people vertically

–       Cures for diseases or new tests were created to stop public health crises, such as the polio vaccine, developed in the 1950s in response to a large outbreak of the crippling disease

–       1970s: A need for new energy sources led to increased development of solar energy

These are just a few examples of how past challenges were tackled. The President wants all new solutions for 21st-century issues.

Are you up to the task? What is your answer to the President? Be as creative as possible and help your city and its future!

Requirements for electronic submission

1. 3-5 page electronic report

2. Research citings from Santa Clara County Library science/other resources – you must have at least 3 from the library databases

3. A typed journal (submitted electronically, up to 5 pages)

4. Presentation (slideshow, video, audio, Prezi, or similar – no more than 5 minutes)

Teams are from one to three participants

Open to all outgoing 6th-8th graders residing within Cupertino Unified School District.

Sponsored by the Cupertino Library Foundation in conjunction with the Cupertino Library and the CUSD.

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First Place Team: iPad mini each for up to three team members

Second Place Team: $100 each for up to three team members

Third Place Team: $50 each for up to three team members

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