Pain Relief Workshops, March 18 and 25, 2018

Pain Relief Workshops, March 18 and 25, 2018

Suffering from neck, back, knee, or foot pain?  Looking for ways to prevent their onsets?  Unfortunately, at birth, there isn’t an owner’s manual on the functioning and repairing of our bodies so we can manage pain and suffering.  At these free workshops, sponsored by the Cupertino Library Foundation, we will review and discuss the amazing design of our knees and feet and how to relieve pain with a variety of techniques including acupressure points, trigger points and stretching. More importantly, we will demonstrate and discuss how to reduce wear and tear and prevent pain recurrence.

Dr. Li Yang, a California board licensed acupuncturist, has worked with patients both in the Bay Area as well as in remote regions.  Specifically, she has traveled to remote areas in Peru, Myanmar, Thailand, India, and Nepal to serve and teach people how to relieve pain with their own hands. At this workshop, she will share her knowledge and experiences..

Workshop 1 – Neck and Back Pain, Sunday March 18, 2018
Workshop 2 – Knee and Foot Pain, Sunday March 25, 2018

There are two sessions each day:

11 am – Mandarin session, 2 pm – English session

These workshops will be held in the Community Hall at the Cupertino Civic Center.  No advanced registration is needed and all workshops are free to the public.  Sponsored by the Cupertino Library Foundation.

疼痛不求人 簡易自我疼痛治療

有頸痛或背痛嗎? 你想要預防疼痛發生嗎?當我們出生時,我們並沒有附帶關於我們身體的使用者手冊,教我們如何正確的使用我們的身體,還有故障時如何修理。在這個研討會中,我們將討論我們膝蓋和脚的驚人完美設計,還有當出現問題時,如何用指壓點,觸發點,伸展…等等,來緩解疼痛。更重要的是,如何降低磨損,減少疼痛複發。


一之二 – 頸和背 – 2018/03/18, 星期日

二之二 – 膝和脚 – 2018/03/25, 星期日


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