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    Eno Schmidt

    Violence and Restraint in “The Tall T”
    Another great movie and outstanding audience analysis afterwards for the viewing of “The Tall T” in the Library’s Story Room. The discussion by the ladies last night about the role of women in the movie and Westerns more generally also got me to thinking about some of Mark’s other comments. I am paraphrasing here of course….Western’s deal with the theme of when is violence necessary and how should it be exercised. The restraint shown by Pat Brennan toward Frank in not immediately killing him at the decisive ending makes me think of current day problems such as how we react to car-jacking, muggings or the terrorists/”rogue states” that place WMD or missiles in children’s schools. Maybe Pat Brennan instead of following the chivalric code of the Western and releasing Frank, should instead have announced he would shoot him in the legs if Frank did not surrender? Anyone else have thoughts on this?


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