Movies Featured in the Summer Film Series

Movies Featured in the Summer Film Series

What movies best depict the entire history of film in 6 easy lessons?


First off, the idea of teaching the entire history of film in a six part series is easy – I have had occasion to teach the whole history of film in 45 minutes! 


What we will  discover in the seminar is that the fundamental desire to create images has always been a part of human culture, and that film is simply a 110 year old variation on this world wide expression.


We will be seeing an amazing range of films:

  • Mysterious silent film fragments
  • Raucous Warner Brothers musical 42nd Street
  • Beautiful film from Depression era Japan called Mr. Thank You
  • The first color film shot in India – Jean Renoir’s The River
  • Martin Scorsese working in HD with Hugo


There will be many surprise cinematic stops along the way, so stay tuned to this blog for further announcements.


“The Memory of All That” would make a fine subtitle to this history of film! In this case, it pertains to films unique abilities to create time and build space.


As for the film that will be shown to illustrate this miracle – you will have to come to the class on July 31st and find out!


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Mark Larson

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