Fall Film Series 2015

Fall Film Series 2015

Cupertino Library/Blue Light Cinema Film Series

Treasures from the Public Domain!

Movies are always owned by somebody somewhere. But there are many films that slip through the legal cracks for everyone to see. Each of these motion pictures has a fascinating life story, and in this session of the Cupertino Library’s Film Series, filmmaker and scholar Mark Larson explores the complicated history of films in the Public Domain. From timeless classics to YouTube masterpieces, a rich world of film art is waiting to be discovered.

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Please join us in this celebration of an important and fascinating aspect of film history. A lively audience discussion follows every film.
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His Girl Friday (1940) Director: Howard Hawks                    

Thursday,  October 8th, 2015   6:30-9pm
A woman working in a wild world of men – one of whom is Cary Grant. The incomparable Rosalind Russell is ace newspaper reporter Hildy Johnson fighting her way to the story of the year in this battle of the sexes tour-de-force. With the fastest, funniest dialogue ever recorded by a motion picture camera!

Eventbrite - Fall Film Series: His Girl Friday (1940)


Man With A Movie Camera (1929) Director: Dziga Vertov

Thursday,  October 15th, 2015   6:30-9pm
One of the most influential films of all time, this breathtaking documentary, celebrating a day in the life of the people living in Soviet-era Russia, is an inspiring revolutionary look at human beings at work and at play. Image after image builds to a shattering climax that will forever change your view of the world around you!

Eventbrite - Man with a Movie Camera (1929)


Night of the Living Dead (1968) Director: George Romero        

Thursday,  October 29th, 2015    6:30-9pm
1968 – the year of Richard Nixon, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the VietNam War and the birth of flesh-eating zombies. Perhaps the greatest American motion picture of the 1960’s, this beautiful low-budget horror masterpiece needs to be seen in light of the traumatic world events surrounding its making.

Eventbrite - Night of the Living Dead (1968)


The Southerner (1945) Director: Jean Renoir

Thursday,  November 5th, 2015    6:30-9pm
Against mighty odds, a family in Texas attempts to break free from a life of sharecropping by working the land for themselves. One of the most beautiful American films by the great French film director Jean Renoir, this is a rare chance to see a recording of rural American history, told in a groundbreaking cinematic language.

Eventbrite - The Southerner (1945)


The Brother from Another Planet (1984) Director: John Sayles      

Thursday,  November 12th, 2015    6:30-9pm
For our last entry of the series, we rediscover a 1980’s classic science fiction film, from one of the godfathers of American Independent Film, John Sayles. A visitor from a planet far away comes to the planet Earth – and goes to Harlem. This overlooked and vibrant gem of a comedy has much to tell us about the United States and we, the people who make it our home.

Eventbrite - The Brother from Another Planet (1984)


New Date! Short Subjects! (1896 – 2014) Directors: Various                          

Thursday,  November 19, 2015    6:30-9pm
A wild and diverse series of films – many projected from real 16 mm and Super 8 mm film stock! – highlighting the extraordinary diversity of neglected films. From thrilling cowboy chases to the life of the hummingbird, from anonymous home movies to gripping newsreel footage (with a stop along the way to Youtube avant-garde films) we will celebrate the vitality and importance of the ephemeral moving picture image.

Eventbrite - Short Subjects! (1896 – 2014)


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