CUSD Middle School Students Use STEAM to Fight Zombies

CUSD Middle School Students Use STEAM to Fight Zombies

Cupertino Middle School Students

Use STEAM to Fight the Zombie Apocalypse

Are You Ready to Learn More About Zombies, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics?

The Cupertino Library and the Cupertino Library Foundation are excited to present STEAM LEADS: Zombie Apocalypse for Cupertino Unified School District (CUSD) middle school students in 6th – 8th grade.

With FREE library programming from September 2015 through May 2016 (made possible by a grant from the Library Foundation), STEAM LEADS: Zombie Apocalypse encourages CUSD students to have fun learning while growing as students, researchers, and life-long learners.

CUSD Middle School Students Sign Up Now

Please visit Cupertino middle school students STEAM Leads for more information and to sign up.

The Cupertino Library Foundation is sponsoring STEAM LEADS: Zombie Apocalypse at the Cupertino Library, including:

  • Presenting research prompts, host book clubs
  • Giving presentations
  • Conducting workshops
  • And holding a grand finale academic obstacle course

Based around a student-interest driven zombie theme, the programs this school year covers many of California’s Common Core State Standards in fun, engaging ways to reinforce school coursework, promote curiosity and develop research abilities.

Answer Research Prompts

During the STEAM LEADS programming months of September – April, the Cupertino Library will give participating students a research prompt to answer every two months. By investigating and answering the research questions through the use of library’s e-resources, students can build the skills needed to meet several of California’s College and Career Readiness Standards, including:

  • Writing arguments using sufficient evidence with effective selection
  • Organization and analysis
  • And conducting short and more sustained research projects

Book Clubs

Throughout STEAM LEADS: Zombie Apocalypse, book clubs are planned to develop students’ reading and presentation skills.

Zombie apocolypseParticipating students may be asked to cite textual evidence while analyzing books, determine central ideas, and analyze the structure of a text, all key to the Reading Standards for Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects and the College and Career Readiness Standards.

During book clubs, participants will have fun discussing the books, sharing ideas with their peers, and meeting new people, while also analyzing characters, vocabulary and points of view.

Art and Technology Workshops

STEAM LEADS: Zombie Apocalypse will also include art and technology workshops and presentations over the course of the program.

Workshops and presentations are designed to build skills needed for both a hypothetical zombie apocalypse and real life.

By participating, students can work on skills including memorization of choreography, developing and using models to describe scientific phenomena, analyzing data, evaluating content presented in diverse media, and much more.


Cupertino Teens STEAM Zombie AcapocalypseGot questions about our STEAM LEADS: Zombie Apocalypse programming? Call 408.446.1677 x3320.

More Ways for Middle School Students to Study

The Cupertino Library Foundation also supports the annual S^4 Super Summer Science Search contest to provide students with free access to age-appropriate, academic online research tools as the vehicle to develop:

  • Appropriate and interesting research questions;
  • Critical thinking skills to analyze information sources for credibility, bias and accuracy;
  • Confidence and competency in using Library databases to seek answers to research questions;
  • Effective ways to include and cite authoritative information to support or refute arguments; and
  • The ability to write persuasive essays, reports and presentations that summarize and synthesize a students’ scientific research.

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