Cupertino Shakespeare Rings in the Holidays

Cupertino Shakespeare Rings in the Holidays

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival’s performance of Hamlet played to an enthralled audience of about 110 people in Community Hall on Saturday, December 12th. The group returned for its fourth consecutive appearance in this the Fourth Annual Cupertino Library Foundation’s 2015 Fall Performing Arts and Culture Series held in collaboration with the Library.

The audience ranging from the very young to the mature seniors enthusiastically cheered the popular Shakespeare group in the final performance of the Fall Cupertino series.

The normally 4 hour play was abbreviated to an hour-long performance with the actors afterwards entertaining a series of questions ranging from what helped inspire them to play their individual characters to why the actor portraying Laertes did not blink when dying in his sword fight with Hamlet.

San Francisco Shakespeare Festival

For more information about the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival and upcoming plays please visit, the group announced that “The Winter’s Tale” will be the Summer performance in 2016 at Cupertino’s Memorial Park.

Annual Performing Arts and Culture Series

Cupertino Arts and Culture ShakespeareDuring the 2015 Performing Arts and Culture series sponsored by the Cupertino Library Foundation, nine different groups ranging from the Charged Particles Jazz Ensemble, Bo-Ai Choir and Firebird Chinese Youth Orchestra to the ever popular Shakespeare group performed free for Cupertino’s connected community.

About the Cupertino Library Foundation

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