Congratulations S3 Summer Contest Winners!

Congratulations S3 Summer Contest Winners!

Cupertino Middle School Students Step Up to the The S3 Summer Science Challenge:

The Cupertino Library Foundation sponsored it’s first S3-Super Science Searches Summer Science Contest for 6th-8th grade students in the Cupertino Union School District. Middle school students stepped up to the S3 challenge by solving a specific science problem:

How would you rebuild the City of Cupertino if there were a natural disaster?

Congratulations S3 Summer Contest Winners!

Alexander Ivanov & Rajiv Nelakanti winners of the S3 Super Science Searches Summer Contest sponsored the Cupertino Library FoundationFIRST PLACE
Sr. Java, represented by Alexander Ivanov & Rajiv Nelakanti

Kindle Fire for each student

“It was a fun project to work on over the summer with my partner and friend, Alexander. I learned many details about Cupertino city such as how its transportation, police and fire stations, and recreation facility systems work. Also, this project made me think about new ideas for recycling, renewable energy solutions, and crime prevention. Apart from learning how to do research for a project, I learned how to use library resources such as printed material, online books, and library databases effectively. I have also learned how to create online binder project, how to scan pictures, how to make presentations using voice files (WMA files) and data files. All in all, I feel I have learned a great deal in doing this project. I thank Cupertino foundation for giving us this opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun over the summer of 2012!!”

– Rajiv Nelakanti


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