3D Printing Speaker Launches Fusion: Art.Science.Technology Series

3D Printing Speaker Launches Fusion: Art.Science.Technology Series

3D Printing Engages Cupertino Community

Fusion: Art.Sciece.Technology Speaker Series Starts with a Success

Nearly 100 people attended the Fusion: Art.Science.Technology presentation in April the history of 3D printing, the various types of technologies that exist, where we are today, and how this revolutionary technology has already changed our lives, and ways it will continue to do so.

The Cupertino Library Foundation proudly hosted the featured speaker – Geoffrey Doyle, CEO of GrowShapes LLC (www.growshapes.com), which provides leading-edge 3D printing and scanning products and services in Silicon Valley.

The presentation highlighted the broad range of industries which are being impacted such as engineering, manufacturing, medical, robotics, automotive, jewelry and art, just to name a few. Our speaker will also discuss the importance of educating the next generation about 3D printing, since they will likely drive this technology’s revolutionary changes during their lifetimes.

Before and after the presentation, attendees flocked to four demo tables to see 3D printers at work, to hold and handle “printed” objects, and talk to 3D industry professionals.


How 3D Printing Affects Our Lives and Our Children’s

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3D Printing – Did You Know?

3D printing and prototypingHow is 3D printing affecting our lives?
Most everything we touch or use today has been prototyped. 3D printing has been around 30 years and is used to create prototypes every day.

  • Stereo
  • Kitchen faucet
  • Toothbrush
  • Mobile devices
  • Baby car seat


3D printing materials

What is manufactured with 3D printing today?

  • Invisilign braces
  • Hearing aids
  • GE fuel injectors for jet engines
  • Prosthetics



3D printed objectsHow is 3D content created?

  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM)
  • Free-form modeling
  • Virtual reality (VR) modeling
  • 3D scanning


Click here to view the Fusion: Art.Science.Technology 3D printing PowerPoint slideshow or download the 3D printing PDF.


Fusion Events Spring 2014

Learn More About 3D Printing on June 21st!

Prototype Your Idea, Yourself!

June 21, 2014
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Cupertino Community Hall

Eventbrite - Prototype Your Idea, Yourself!

Prototype your idea with 3D printing - free seminar part of the Fusion: Art.Science.Technology series sponsored by the Cupertino Library Foundation

Learn about the major shifts that have taken place in the 3D printing industry that, together, deliver the ability for hobbyists and young, budding engineers to create their own advanced prototypes.

Design tools have become easy to learn and affordable, while 3-D printers and other rapid prototyping resources are turning fabrication itself into affordable “point-and-click.” Our speaker Robert Bigler will walk you through the steps to prototype your idea yourself. Think of your own ideas, apply the techniques you learn here, and then prototype them yourself.

About the Speaker: Robert Bigler

Robert Bigler speaker on 3D printingEntrepreneur and inventor Robert Bigler has made a career of designing and using rapid prototyping technologies. He founded and recently sold a global automation company called Animatics and is now CEO of Equalia, an technological incubation company for multiple initiatives, including Personal Electric Vehicles.


About Fusion: Art.Sciece.Technology

Fusion: Art Science Technology speaker seriesFusion: Art.Science.Technology is an innovative speaker series sponsored by the Cupertino Library Foundation along with the Performing Arts & Culture series, the Film series, and the Tech Toolbar to promote life-long learning and self-improvement in the Cupertino community.

The Cupertino Library Foundation, in collaboration with the Cupertino library and other organizations, is proud to present two community events related to 3D printing technology and its impact on our daily lives.

All events are FREE!

Attendance is free and registration for these Fusion: Art.Science.Technology events is optional.  While registration does not guarantee seating, your RSVP allows the Cupertino Library Foundation to send reminders and notify registrants of changes in programming.

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